How to clean the fan coil ?


Nowadays, many households have installed central air co […]

Nowadays, many households have installed central air conditioners, but many people don't know how to clean the fan coils. Therefore, Xiaobian specially consulted the experts of Haishengsheng. Fan coils will accumulate on the fins and impellers. Dust and germs, when accumulated to a certain thickness, will also affect heat dissipation, resulting in an indoor temperature that does not achieve the desired effect. In addition, if the fan coil is not cleaned regularly, it will also breed a lot of bacteria. People will be in such an environment for a long time. Causes respiratory illness, so we recommend that we clean the fan coils regularly.
Cleaning steps and methods
1. Remove the return air baffle and the dust filter and clean the filter with high pressure water.
2. Remove the fan roller and impeller.
3. Check if the fan motor, capacitor, etc. have burnt marks. If they are normal, use a brush to clean the impeller and the roller casing.
4. Use HSRS-01 finned water to clean the aluminum fins with high pressure. After spraying on the aluminum fins, let them work for 5-10 minutes, then rinse the aluminum fins with a washing machine.
5. After the aluminum fins are cleaned (see 2-3 rows of small copper tubes in the fins), the fan motor and impeller in front of the fan coil are correctly installed to fully recover.
6. Clean the condensate tray and add three pieces of bactericidal algae tablets.
7. Put the cleaned dust screen and baffle back into place.
8. Disassemble the fan coil small Y-type filter for cleaning.

Cleaning effect
1. After cleaning the fan coil, it can remove bacteria and dust from the sending and returning air system and improve indoor air quality;
2. Reduce operating costs and increase asset value;
3. Reduce the wind resistance of the variable air volume fan coil, improve the heat exchange efficiency, increase the air supply volume, and save energy;
4. Regularly maintain the fan coil system to extend the service life of the unit;

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