The efficient processing method of crankshaft grinding machine


In the crankshaft precision cylindrical grinding machin […]

In the crankshaft precision cylindrical grinding machine, the modern advanced crankshaft grinding machine combines a variety of advanced design and technology, which not only improves the machining accuracy, but also greatly improves the machining efficiency of the grinding machine. This paper takes the processing method of JUNKER grinder as an example to carry out research and discussion, and summarizes the efficient processing method of grinder.

At present, most of the international mainstream crankshaft high-speed grinders use CBN servo grinders with automatic probe compensation function. With the gradual use of CBN material tools and the optimization and improvement of machining logic, high-speed crankshaft grinding is no longer a dream. Therefore, the design principle and logical structure of various high-speed grinding are worthy of further study and research.

The modern optimized design of the oscillating tracking grinder provides a variety of solutions for the overall machining of the crankshaft. The part types cover all crankshaft types from single to 12 cylinders. Depending on the processing method and the required throughput, each type of high-speed cutting grinder is designed and equipped with a unique platform and wheel frame.

Modern and advanced oscillating tracking grinders can perform almost all grinding tasks for crankshaft machining. The main journal (cylindrical, convex and concave) and connecting rod journals (cylindrical, spherical, convex and concave) can be completed in one setup. Grinding can also grind hardened rounded corners. In addition, the machine can be arbitrarily combined with other types of grinding processes in the process. Depending on the combination of machine types, grinding of the positioning journals, flanges and crankshaft small end journals is possible with the aid of high-speed cutting machines.

In order to more specifically introduce the high-speed machining method of the current leading grinding machine, this paper will answer and explain the design characteristics and design principle of high-speed cutting grinder. And through the comparison with other processing methods, in-depth discussion of the mystery of JUNKER grinder design. In this paper, JUCRANK10-10 will be the main direction of research, and the design features and principles of high-speed grinding machines will be explained one by one.

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