The 21st National Conference on HVAC Refrigeration in 2018


The National Annual Conference on HVAC Refrigeration is […]

The National Annual Conference on HVAC Refrigeration is a *channel and *effective platform for academic exchanges, product demonstrations, information dissemination, public meetings, four-in-one display of talents, expansion of influence, improvement of recognition, and resource cooperation. Since 1978, it has been 20 years. Under the active support and participation of local brothers' associations, industry experts, members of the society, and outstanding enterprises, it is currently a large-scale and influential academic event in China's HVAC field. .

    The 21st National Annual Conference on HVAC Refrigeration will be held on October 23-27, 2018 at the Sanmenxia International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year's annual conference is “Clean Low Carbon Good Life”, which will come from international and domestic 31 Authoritative experts, scholars and enterprises from provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions will gather in the city of Swan - Sanmenxia.

    Science and technology guides the technological progress of the industry. The preparatory group of the National HVAC Annual Conference will continue to promote the technological progress of the industry and guide the orderly development of the market. We sincerely welcome you all in Zhengzhou.

    First, the theme of the annual meeting

    Clean a low-carbon good life

    Second, the annual meeting agenda

    ◆ Conference Forum: Clean a low-carbon good life

    ◆ Special forum:

    Renewable energy technology, application of heating energy-saving technology

    HVAC frequency conversion technology Application of public building ventilation and air quality

    Indoor air quality and thermal comfort in residential buildings. Adjustment and operation of HVAC systems

    Group intelligent building control technology

    General Hospital HVAC Technology Industrial Building Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology

    High-altitude HVAC technology Rail transit ventilation and air-conditioning technology

    Airport building HVAC technology data center design and energy saving

    Evaporative cooling technology BIM application in HVAC

    Building Simulation Research and Application Ground Source Heat Pump Technology Application

    Heat pump new technology and performance improvement Air source heat pump heating system

    Ultra-low/near zero-energy building

    Regional energy and integrated application The impact of human behavior patterns on building energy consumption

    Youth Forum Education Forum

    Special Work Forum "13th Five-Year" National Key R&D Program Special Project

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