Countermeasures for The Imbalance of Fan Impeller


There are many reasons for the vibration of the fan, an […]

There are many reasons for the vibration of the fan, and the imbalance of the fan impeller is also one of the factors.

Fans are used in dust or other non-clean gases, resulting in uneven or corroded impeller wear (mainly blades); uneven dust or attachments (such as rust) on the blade surface; hollow blades or other parts of the wing stick Ash; local high temperature of the main shaft causes the shaft to bend; the impeller fails to find its balance after maintenance; the impeller is not sufficiently strong to cause cracks or partial deformation of the impeller, which causes the impeller to become unbalanced.


There are dust or attachments on the surface of the impeller. Thoroughly clean the impeller, check or replace the wear belt, and clean and maintain the impeller regularly. If possible, install a filter device at the air inlet.

The impeller is worn out, causing the impeller to be out of balance, and the impeller is rebalanced.

The failure of the fan to continue to operate will involve the normal operation of the entire production system equipment, affect the production of the enterprise, and cause greater economic losses, so the problem must be dealt with in time.

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