Several Small Details That Need To Be Paid Attention To When Using A Fan


As a common equipment in the industrial field, the oper […]

As a common equipment in the industrial field, the operation of fan products cannot avoid some accidents. These possible accidents and the specific handling of the accident can be roughly summarized as the following:

1. The fan vibrates strongly

This type of situation also occurs from time to time during operation. Once a relatively strong vibration occurs, the maintenance personnel must be notified to deal with it at this time.

2. Emergency shutdown

During the operation of the unit, if there is an emergency shutdown, the power must be cut off for the first time, and then the next follow-up work can be carried out. It is quite dangerous to make adjustments during operation.

3. The bearing smokes

Sometimes this kind of situation can also be found, which is often due to its own temperature rising too fast. Of course, the specific location of the bearing condition needs to be checked carefully.

4. Low fuel tank level

Sometimes, the low level of the fuel tank will cause the equipment to stop, which requires timely replenishment.

5. Low oil pressure

In daily operation, it is necessary to always pay attention to the numerical changes of oil pressure.

Therefore, if you have any problems during use, please call Xingchang Fan's professionals.

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