The Core Components of Fan Blade


Fan blades are one of the core components of wind turbi […]

Fan blades are one of the core components of wind turbines, accounting for about 15%-20% of the total cost of the wind turbine. The quality of its design will directly affect the performance and benefits of the wind turbine.

After a hundred years of development, fan blades have undergone great changes in structure, shape, and manufacturing materials. With the increase in the installed capacity of a single fan, the diameter of the fan blades is also increasing. According to statistics, the wind energy utilization rate can increase by about 12% for every 6% increase in the diameter of wind turbine blades. The diameter of the existing 2 megawatt (MW) wind turbine blades can reach 80m. However, the increase in the diameter of the fan blades will also bring about difficulties in manufacturing, and the transportation and installation costs of the blades will also be greatly increased.

The composition of Fan blade:

Shell: The two half shells of the fan blade, usually with a more complex aerodynamic shape.

Web: Also called internal beam, it is mainly used to support the shell of the blade and bear the bending of the blade.

Load, webs often use I-beam structure to reduce weight.

Spar cap: used to connect the web and the blade shell.

Rain ring: installed at the root of the blade to prevent rainwater from flowing into the fan.

Manhole cover: used to connect the blade and the main shaft of the fan.

Lightning protection system: Since the wind turbine is relatively tall and in an open area, and lightning strikes are also a major cause of wind turbine damage, lightning protection is very important for wind turbines.

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