Treatment Method for Condenser Fan Not Rotating


Condenser is very important to us and plays a special r […]

Condenser is very important to us and plays a special role in use. When using the condenser, the condenser is an indispensable part of the fan, and the normal use of the condenser has a great relationship with the fan.

In the process of using the condenser, there are some faults in the wind turbine, such as stopping the operation. In fact, this is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs. However, when the fan does not turn, we should take corresponding measures and deal with it properly in time. Now let's look at the treatment method of the condenser fan not turning.

1. Oil shortage of sliding bearing shaft: When the condenser fan does not rotate, first check whether the fan motor coil is burnt out with a multimeter. If the motor coil is in good condition, check whether there is oil mark on the bearing at the rear of the fan motor. If there is no oil mark, it indicates that the sliding bearing is short of oil.

2. Insufficient refrigerant: If insufficient refrigerant is detected in the system, it is necessary to find out the cause of the leakage, repair the leakage site and supplement refrigerant to the system. Let the engine run at ZO0r/mni until the bubble disappears. The pressure gauge reads 118-Z16kpa on the low pressure side and 1274-1596kpa on the high pressure side.

3. Poor cooling of condenser: Poor cooling of condenser in refrigeration system is mostly caused by dust and sundries blocking of engine cooling fin and condenser cooling fin. During inspection, the manifold pressure gauge can be used to check the system pressure. If the reading of the high-pressure meter is high and dust and sundries are accumulated on the engine radiator and condenser radiator, it indicates poor cooling of the condenser. The dust and sundries accumulated at the engine radiator and condenser radiator can be eliminated and normal operation can be resumed.

In the process of using the condenser, if there is a problem with the fan, it will have a great impact on the use of the condenser, so timely treatment is very necessary, but in order to ensure the correct treatment, it is necessary to know the corresponding treatment method, which is also very necessary.

Therefore, before proceeding with the treatment, everyone should have a detailed understanding. Here I believe our introduction is helpful to everyone. If there is anything else you need to know, you can contact us at any time: fin coils.

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