6 Simple Steps to Clean The Air Conditioner's Condenser Coil?


6 simple steps for home appliance cleaning to clean the […]

6 simple steps for home appliance cleaning to clean the air conditioner's condenser coil?

Dirty air-conditioning coils interfere effectively with the use of functions by suppressing heat transfer. This means that higher energy costs and overly stressed equipment may eventually fail. We can improve the performance of the air conditioner by cleaning the air conditioner condenser coil and other places, and remove some harmful substances to the human body. How to clean the air conditioner Xingchang Fan to share effective methods.

1. After finding the air handler, turn off the device switch or circuit breaker to cut off the power.

2. Remove the metal tape on the edge of the sealing coil access panel.

3. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that secure the access panel in place, and then completely remove the panel.

4. The curved shape of the coil on the side of the metal A-frame makes it easy to identify. Check the coil carefully for dust, dirt, and mold. If mold is found, you need to call the HVAC contractor, who can treat it with a special fungicide made for this purpose.

5. Spray the coils with no-rinse cleaner until they are completely covered. The liquid will drip slowly and collect in the air conditioning condensation tray below.

6. Once all the cleaning agent has dripped, check the coil surface to see if there is more accumulation. If it repeats the above process again.

It is necessary to clean the condenser coil regularly, which can save power and extend the service life of home appliances. For details, please consult: Packaged terminal air conditioner.

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