How To Clean Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner?


Today we will talk about how to clean the packaged term […]

Today we will talk about how to clean the packaged terminal air conditioner?

1. Safety first, make sure to turn off the power. Start cleaning the air conditioner from outside. Be sure to turn off the switch or switch the circuit breaker to the off state very safely. Never clean the air conditioner while it is running, because there is a risk of vibration. It can also damage the air conditioner.

2. Remove debris from outside the air conditioner. Although you can save your bill by carefully planting shrubs, you do not want shrubs or plants to grow too close to the air conditioner. Trim bushes and remove fallen leaves and debris from around the air conditioning unit.

3. Use a cleaning tool to clean the condenser fins. The condenser fins are somewhat fragile and you do not want to bend them during the cleaning process. So be gentle. Usually, a wet/dry practical vacuum can do this job. Be sure to bend any fins back into place.

4. Flush the fan blades and internal heat sinks. Carefully unscrew and remove the fan from the device. Pay special attention to the wires-you don't want to damage them in the process. Clean the heat sink from the inside and clean the fan blades with a damp cloth.

5. Reassemble. After the condenser fins are cleaned and straightened, you can reassemble the air conditioner and move it inward to replace the dust filter.

6. Replace the air filter. Check your air filter, paying attention to size and type. Be sure to have accurate dimensions. Different sizes and thicknesses may not be suitable. There are many different kinds of filters. The type you use will determine how often you must replace it.

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