Clean Condenser Coil Makes Air-Conditioning Life Longer


An important factor in maintaining the air conditioning […]

An important factor in maintaining the air conditioning unit is to keep it clean and well maintained. Good maintenance can not only reduce energy consumption and save monthly bills, but also clean condenser coil will prolong the service life of your air conditioning equipment and make it run efficiently.

Then the key points of cleaning the condenser coil of the central air conditioner include several aspects. How often and how often does it take to clean the unit?

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to clean the compressor coil and heat sink of the outdoor unit once a year, but if there are a large number of plants or nearby Populus deltoides or dandelion, it should be cleaned once more. These are the culprits. For comfort and cost savings, this is a common chore that you can perform on the air conditioner.

For this project, you will need garden hose, good spray foam cleaner and a radiator comb if the radiator is bent severely. Basic tools such as wrenches or screwdrivers are required to remove the air conditioning unit cover. You also need to buy shop vacuum cleaners and brushes of medium hardness, be careful they are very fragile and easy to bend.

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