Xingchang Disinfection Fan Keep the World Away from Air Conditioning Pollution


There was a media broadcast about bacteria breeding in […]

There was a media broadcast about bacteria breeding in the central air conditioner. People realized that if the central air conditioner was not properly maintained, it could become a source of bacteria and viruses. Zhang Yiming, chairman of XingChang Fan of Xinchang County, presented his newly developed product, central air conditioner "disinfection fan", to the society.

After testing in several hospitals in Beijing, the product has obvious removal effect on bacteria in indoor air, with the maximum sterilization rate reaching 89%.

The disinfection principle of the disinfection fan is not complicated. It uses a 20,000 MW ultraviolet lamp and the concentrated reflection of the stainless steel pipe wall to generate a strong light area, so that the air is irradiated by strong ultraviolet rays when flowing through the pipe, thus achieving the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.

Like many scientific inventions, it is not surprising to discover them, but it takes years of accumulation to think of them. Dare to think, but also need to have a spirit of pioneering and innovation.

Zhang Yiming invented the central air conditioner "disinfection fan" because of the SARS outbreak in 2003. That year, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital sent an order for 100 air sterilizers to Zhang Yiming. That's a life-saving event. Without further ado, he took a driver and a bag of spring cakes with him and carried 100 sterilizers to Beijing day and night.

At that time, in addition to producing air disinfectors, enterprises in Zhang Yiming had been making auxiliary products for central air conditioners. He learned that the ventilation pipes extending in all directions of central air conditioners had the conditions to breed various bacteria and viruses and were easy to become the source of infection for diseases. He began to focus on the disinfection of central air conditioning.

During that period of time, like possessed, Zhang Yiming thought about it during the day and even in his dreams. One day, Zhang Yiming came back from negotiations with his clients, sat in his office, lit a cigarette, looked at the ceiling and thought about the disinfection of the central air conditioner. All of a sudden, a flash occurred: why not connect the fan with disinfection and sterilization?

It is sometimes more difficult than inventing a new product to be recognized and accepted by others. In order to run the market and find experts, he attacked everywhere, once being stuck on the highway for 18 hours by snow and wind.

An invention has just been completed, and a new invention flashes in his mind. Now Zhang Yiming has started to use air purifiers and physical cooling caps. He said that only by constantly developing new products and running forward can enterprises not be caught up with others.

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