How to Clean Condenser Coil of Used Air Conditioner?


The condenser coil, located in an external unit, is als […]

The condenser coil, located in an external unit, is also called a fin. Include thin metal flaps. With the passage of time, these coils are blocked with dust and leaves, and even mold and mildew may grow.

Cleaning the condenser coil improves the indoor air quality of the household and the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Cleaning the coil is a basic task that the owner can complete.


1. Go to the outdoor air conditioning unit and find a side mount in a metal box. Open the box and grab the plug. The central air conditioner is recovered and unplugged or lowered to the downward position, depending on the model, so as to reduce the power supply of the equipment.

2. Find the screws or bolts on the basis of the air conditioner and remove them counterclockwise. The set bolts and screws are fixed in a safe position, and the grid at the top of the main unit is selected to be closed. Set the barbecue side.

3. Brush visible condenser coil with a broom gently hit out any dirt and blades sticking to the external coil.

4. Go to the shop vacuum hose to thoroughly apply a brush and vacuum condenser coil.

5. Install the sprayer nozzle on a garden hose and turn on the faucet. Spray with the coil of hose, use the spray of light and work from the top of the coil down to the bottom.

6. Spray onto the coil and coil cleaner until saturated. Allow vacuum cleaners to sit on coils for three to five minutes. Coil cleaning spray cans and large bottles of cleaning and hygiene supplies store.

7. Spray coil and garden hose again and move from top to bottom until all coils are clean. Material recovery

8. Place it on the grill up to the top and install its screws or nuts. Insert the plug back into the metal box on the wall or lift it up to restore the power supply.

The condenser coil is very delicate, so be careful not to damage it. If you want to know more about it, please contact us: fin type coil.

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