Common Causes and Analysis of Crankshaft Fracture of Air Compressor


Fracture of air compressor crankshaft mainly occurs at […]

Fracture of air compressor crankshaft mainly occurs at the fillet transition between journal and crank arm.

Cause analysis:

1. The transition fillet of crankshaft is too small. In the heat treatment process, improper fillet treatment results in stress concentration at the joint between the bent neck and the bent arm.

2. Irregular crankshaft fillet processing and unequal radius lead to excessive nonuniformity and stress concentration.

3. The long-term overload operation of the equipment will worsen the stress condition of the crankshaft, leading to a reduction in fatigue life.

4. The material itself has defects, such as sand holes and shrinkage cavities in the casting, which reduces the actual bearing capacity of the crankshaft.

5. Crankshaft oil hole cracks, oil seepage causes the crack to expand gradually, eventually leading to fracture.

Response measures:

1. Appropriate increase of crankshaft transition fillet, keeping uniform heat treatment and eliminating stress concentration;

2. Ensure crankshaft fillet processing quality, such as shape accuracy and roughness, and improve crankshaft fatigue strength;

3. It is strictly prohibited to overload operation of equipment, failure should stop maintenance, to avoid equipment work in spite of illness;

4. Improve the casting process level of crankshaft to avoid defects such as sand holes, shrinkage cavities and the like.

5. Strictly control the processing technology and quality of crankshaft oil holes. After processing, burrs shall be removed in time to prevent cracks.

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