Dynamic Air Disinfection System for Central Air Conditioner


Zhejiang XingChang Fan Co., Ltd successfully invented " […]

Zhejiang XingChang Fan Co., Ltd successfully invented "Disinfection Fan" in August 2003, enabling each "node" of the air circulation path of the central air conditioner to have the function of dynamic air disinfection, and filed a national invention patent.

The system can be customized and modified according to different air quality requirements of different environments of customers. To make indoor air quality meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health's "Health Code for Centralized Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Public Places" and "Technical Code for Disinfection".

Scope of application:

1. The overall configuration or partial renovation of the air disinfection system of centralized and semi-centralized central air conditioners.

2. Dynamic disinfection of indoor air without central air conditioning.

System characteristics:

1. Unique "focus enhancement" technology ensures stable and reliable disinfection effect.

2. According to the difference of air quality (different requirements of Class II, III and IV environments), tailor-made design shall be carried out.

3. According to customer's requirements, targeted renovation can be carried out according to different needs, segments and partitions. When the air conditioning system is deactivated, it will become an independent dynamic air disinfection system.

4. The disinfection system dynamically maintains the air conditioning system, greatly improving the use efficiency of the air conditioning system.

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