Different Types of Fans Are Selected According to Different Purposes


Industrial Fans can be used for many purposes and have […]

Industrial Fans can be used for many purposes and have a variety of configurations:

-Integrated fan

-Duct blower

-Portable fan

-Electric cabinet fan


The first step is to determine the type of fan required.

The selection of technology is usually carried out between axial flow fan and centrifugal fan. In short, axial fans can provide higher air flow and lower overpressure, so they are only suitable for low pressure drop (short circuit) applications, while centrifugal fans are more suitable for high pressure drop (long circuit) applications. Axial flow fans are usually more compact and noisy than equivalent centrifugal fans.

The fan is selected to provide a certain amount of air (or gas) at a certain pressure level. For many applications, the selection is relatively simple and the flow indicated by the manufacturer is sufficient to calculate the size of the fan. The situation becomes more complicated when the fan is connected to the circuit (ventilation network, air supply to the burner, etc.).

The air flow delivered by the fan depends on its own characteristics and also on the pressure drop of the circuit. This is the principle of working point: if the fan flow-pressure curve and loop flow-pressure loss curve are drawn, the working point of the fan in the circuit will be located at the intersection of the two curves.

Although the vast majority of fans operate at room temperature, some fans must operate at specific temperatures or environmental conditions. This is the case, for example, with the circulating fan in the oven. Therefore, it is very important to choose different types of fans according to different purposes.

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