Introduce The Relevant Characteristics of Centrifugal Fans


Centrifugal fan is a kind of efficient ventilation equi […]

Centrifugal fan is a kind of efficient ventilation equipment, which has been widely used in major industrial production. And with the continuous improvement of the country's environmental protection requirements for industrial production, the demand for centrifugal fans is also increasing.

Although most users know how to use centrifugal fans, their specific characteristics are still unclear. Xingchang Fan will introduce some relevant characteristics of imported centrifugal fans to users, so that users have a basic understanding of centrifugal fans.

The working principle of centrifugal fan:

When a centrifugal fan is running, its working medium flows into the impeller axially, enters the blade flow path, and transforms into a radial movement perpendicular to the fan shaft; under the action of the blades, the medium gains energy, which in turn increases the static pressure and kinetic energy. The raised energy is enough to overcome the resistance, and the centrifugal fan can successfully transport the medium.

The structure of the centrifugal fan:

According to the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy, the centrifugal fan uses the rotating impeller to accelerate the gas, then decelerate and change the flow direction, so that the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy pressure. In a centrifugal fan, the gas enters the impeller axially from the (collector), and the airflow changes to a radial direction when passing through the impeller, and then enters the diffuser (volute). In the volute, the gas changes the direction of flow to cause deceleration. This deceleration effect converts kinetic energy into pressure energy. The increase in pressure mainly occurs in the impeller, followed by the expansion process.

The outlet direction of the centrifugal fan:

The outlet direction of the centrifugal fan is mainly that people stand on the side of the motor and look at the fan. If the impeller rotates clockwise, the outlet direction is right. When the air outlet is horizontal to the left: right 0°, the angle changes in the clockwise direction; if the impeller rotates counterclockwise, the outlet direction of the centrifugal fan is left. When the exit is horizontal to the right: left 0°, the angle changes in the counterclockwise direction.

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