Maintenance Work of Air Compressor Crankshaft


The air compressor is certainly no stranger to everyone […]

The air compressor is certainly no stranger to everyone. It is a driven fluid machine that elevates low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas, and is the heart of the refrigeration system. The air compressor is an indispensable part of the refrigeration system, and the Air compressor crankshaft is the power transmission part of the compressor, and it is indispensable for the compressor. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the Air compressor crankshaft is also very important. Xingchang fan casting manufacturer talked about the maintenance of Air compressor crankshaft.

Maintenance work of Air compressor crankshaft

1. Cleaning inspection after disassembly of Air compressor crankshaft

Clean. The disassembled crankshaft should be soaked in gasoline or kerosene for cleaning to scrape away residue or dirt. Chongqing Gree air-conditioning after-sales maintenance reminds, pay attention to brushing parts with copper wire brushes.

an examination. During the cleaning process, carefully check the integrity of each crankshaft. The crankshaft that can be used continuously should be cleaned 2-3 times.

dry. Put the cleaned and inspected crankshaft in the tray and send it to the oven for drying treatment (the oven temperature is controlled at about 110-130 degrees, and the time is 4-5h). When taking it out, coat the crankshaft with a layer of lubricant and cover it with a clean cloth to prevent dust contamination.

2. Install after cleaning. After coating the crankshaft with lubricating oil, insert one end of the oil suction nozzle from the hole of the casing, then insert the motor rotor of the air compressor into one end of the crankshaft oil suction nozzle (ie the end of the crankshaft), and then put a section of hollow thick iron on it The tube is finally placed in a bench vise and pressed in slowly.

The above is the cleaning work of Air compressor crankshaft and the method of installing it back after taking it out. I hope it can help everyone. If necessary, welcome to inquire: precision machining equipment.

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