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What are the characteristics of groove pulley's work? G […]

What are the characteristics of groove pulley's work?

Groove pulley advantages

The groove pulley mechanism is simple in structure, easy to process, reliable in work, can accurately control the rotation angle, and has high mechanical efficiency. Compared with the ratchet mechanism, the groove pulley mechanism moves more smoothly when entering and disengaging.

Groove pulley disadvantages

During the movement, the angular velocity of groove pulley is not constant, the angular velocity changes greatly, and it has a flexible impact. The moving distance is not adjustable, and the rotation angle cannot be too small. The acceleration of groove pulley when starting and stopping is large, with impact, and it is aggravated with the increase of the speed of rotation or the decrease of the number of groove pulley slots, so it is not suitable for high speed. The indexing movement does not require frequent adjustment of the indexing angle.

Multi groove pulley, mainly used for CNC lathe for turning and milling, CNC grinding, Automatic drilling, Thread tapping, Broaching key way, automatic laser marking.

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