Maintain Balance, Reduce Noise and Prolong Fan Life


Through observation, we found that the cross-flow fan h […]

Through observation, we found that the cross-flow fan has the following five characteristics:

1. The cross-flow fan works with a relatively long cylindrical fan wheel. The diameter of this cylindrical fan blade is relatively large. Because of the large diameter, a relatively low rotating speed can be used on the basis of ensuring the overall air circulation, thus reducing the noise caused by high-speed operation.

2. The impeller of the heat dissipation fan has been dynamically balanced: just as the automobile wheel needs to be dynamically balanced, the wind wheel of the air curtain machine also needs to do this work. Simply put, it is to keep the balance of the wind wheel in the running state, reduce noise and prolong the service life of the fan.

3. The fan blades of the heat dissipation fan are carefully calculated, and the distance between the fan blades is intentionally disordered, presenting a "non-equidistant" situation: this is also very simple, that is, efforts are made to make the audio frequency generated by the rotating wind wheel and the air "irregular" into a "piece" of wind, rather than wind concentrated on a certain frequency band.

4. Use high-quality fan blade manufacturing materials: the heat dissipation fan impeller in the air curtain machine is very long. If such a barrel-shaped fan blade is made of poor-quality materials, it can save a lot of cost, but it will deform before long, and the whole fan blade will no longer be in a straight line but droop in the middle.

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