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HVAC is the general name of heating and ventilation. th […]

HVAC is the general name of heating and ventilation. the design of heating and ventilation in architectural design is called HVAC design, and the engineers who engage in such design are called HVAC engineers.

All equipment related to heating and ventilation, such as air conditioner with air as heat medium, ventilation pipes, control equipment and water heating boilers, pipes, radiators (also called radiators) and equipment with electric heating, are commonly known as heating and ventilation equipment.

Recently, the popular HVAC is a new type of HVAC equipment, which is actually a small-system (household-based) central air conditioner. Its advantages are not only that the split air conditioner, like the common household air conditioner, only solves the problem of heating and cooling, but also the problem of air handling. It can treat air and create a more comfortable indoor environment.

The air treatment process is as follows:

After the air comes in, in addition to introducing fresh air, the air can be cooled and then filtered. An electronic dust collector is added. It is mainly used to capture dust with a diameter of more than one micron. The dust in this diameter range is mostly bacteria, soot or peculiar smell, which can be filtered out.

In addition, a humidifying device will be added, which can humidify indoor air to a relative humidity of about 40%, so that people will feel very comfortable.

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