How to Choose Air Purification and Disinfection Equipment?


What is the choice of Air Purification & Sterilizat […]

What is the choice of Air Purification & Sterilization equipment?

First of all, choose the disinfection machine to see the brand and the research and development team.

At present, the air purifier market is full of various air disinfection machine brands, and the technical route is dazzling. In fact, no matter what kind of technology, price and brand of air purifier, most machines have the same structure and work principle. In addition to paying attention to brands, the selection of such products depends on their core research and development team. In this respect, I trust Japanese brands, such as Panasonic, which has its own patented nano-water ion technology, and feel more at ease.

Secondly, disinfection machines should be selected, and new national standard products should be selected.

Filter elements directly related to CCM (cumulative purification capacity) have 20 grades from low to high. Based on the cumulative purification capacity of solid particles, the CCM value of products around 1000 yuan is generally 3000mg, while the CCM value around 10,000 yuan is 60000mg, which is 20 times the difference and 10 times the price difference. However, this situation will be improved after the implementation of the new national standard for air purifiers. Users can refer to the principle of "three high and one low" when purchasing air purifiers: high CADR value, high CCM value, high energy efficiency ratio and low noise. Air purifiers manufactured according to the new national standard will indicate the detailed information of the products on the instruction manual, and users can choose and buy them according to their needs.

Thirdly, pay attention to the filtering standard of the filter screen.

The standard English for the filter screen is HEPA. Filter and absorb chemical smoke, bacteria, dust particles and pollen. After being filtered by an air purifier, these pollutants are not found in the air. However, only suspended particles can be filtered out, and harmful gases cannot be filtered out. The air output of such air purifiers is generally not too large and is suitable for rooms with small areas. When using, pay attention to replace the filter screen in time, otherwise the purification effect will be discounted.

Finally, don't neglect after-sales service.

Apart from considering whether the manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of air purifiers and paying attention to distinguishing the OEM, whether it is really effective in the real environment and whether it is safe and free from secondary pollution, factors such as cost performance, word of mouth, brand strength and after-sales service also need to be considered when purchasing an air purifier.

XingChang Fan, XingChang Fan, relying on decades of experience in fan design and manufacture, combined with ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection technology, has made significant breakthroughs in the research and development of dynamic disinfection systems for central air conditioners and other fields.  In addition, the company further adopted electrostatic adsorption and positive and negative ion dust removal and sterilization technologies, and successfully developed an air competition system, effectively improving indoor and outdoor air quality.

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