How Does The Fan Coil Work?


Today XingChang Fan will tell you some knowledge about […]

Today XingChang Fan will tell you some knowledge about the operation of fan coil units

How does the fan coil work?

Fan coil units can be used to regulate the air in a single room and can also be connected to piping systems to provide services for multiple spaces.

Heating or cooling usually reaches each unit through the building's water pipes … cold water provides cooling in summer and hot water provides heat through the water pipes in winter.

Each fan coil is controlled by a manual switch or thermostat, and also includes a fan, a coil, internal insulation (lining), and a replaceable air filter.

Some fan coil units allow fresh air to be introduced from outside. Since most fan coils are not designed to regulate outdoor air, they usually have no regulation to control the amount of air that can enter the outdoor air. The problem with introducing outdoor air is that coils must be prevented from freezing in cold weather. Moreover, in summer, these devices do not have the ability to handle the additional humidity that may increase.

In short, the design of the device is only used to readjust indoor air. In some aspects, adding fresh outdoor air may be desirable, but generally speaking, this feature will cause more harm than benefit.

Fan coil units that allow fresh outdoor air are usually equipped with air filters on the outdoor air inlet and recirculated air. Enter to remove insects and dust particles from the air.

Lack of fan coil maintenance may cause the following problems: dust, dust and other solid suspended particles accumulate on the surface of the fan coil unit, reducing efficiency and personal comfort.

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