Fans Pay More and More Attention to High Efficiency and Low Noise


With the continuous development of science and technolo […]

With the continuous development of science and technology, people's requirements for the use of fans are getting higher and higher. As for the current development trend of foreign fan technology, it will develop along the direction of increasing fan capacity, high efficiency, high speed miniaturization and low noise.

The capacity of large fans continues to increase. With the increasing scale of various industrial devices, the capacity of various types of fans that need to be objectively increased. Fans with large machine numbers will be welcomed in the market in the next few years.

High efficiency. In order to improve efficiency, three-dimensional flow impellers have been more and more widely used in ventilators. Other special purpose fans such as diagonal flow fans will have more market.

High speed miniaturization. After the three-dimensional flow impeller is adopted for all kinds of fans, the pressure can be increased while the efficiency is improved. Therefore, under the same conditions, the outer diameter of the impeller can be reduced by 10% ~ 30%, thus achieving the dual effects of reducing volume and weight. Increasing the rotating speed is also one of the important ways to miniaturize the fan.

Low noise. Fan noise is one of the most important sources of noise pollution in industrial production. Large-scale and high-speed fans make the noise problem more prominent. For low-frequency noise, the fan mainly reduces the noise of the body by improving the structural design of the fan. If it fails to meet the requirements, measures such as adding silencers can be taken.

To sum up, these technologies are not only the future development trend of foreign fans, but also the technical direction of domestic fan industry.

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