Fin Coil Manufacturing is One of The Core Industries of XingChang Fan


As one of the core industries of XingChang Fan, the man […]

As one of the core industries of XingChang Fan, the manufacture of fin coils has a full series of fin stamping ranging from 7 mm to 15.88 mm; The company has the ability to produce all kinds of accessories for HVAC and cold chain products.

Fin coil is a synthetic rolled sheet of iron-aluminum or copper-aluminum coils. These feathers have the advantages of compactness, low heat resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, low flow loss, strong corrosion resistance, difficult deformation under cold and hot conditions, long service life, etc.

According to the user's requirements, we can produce various kinds of steel strip wound fin coil and steel-aluminum composite fin coil.

Since the heat transfer element fin coil works for a long time under high temperature and flue gas conditions, for example, the fin coil used in the boiler heat exchanger is a corrosive atmosphere under high temperature and high pressure, and it should have a high performance index: corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low contact resistance, higher stability and dust separation.

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