Crankshaft is One of The Key Components of Fan


Crankshaft is one of the key components of fan, whose p […]

Crankshaft is one of the key components of fan, whose performance directly affects the service life of fan. The crankshaft is subjected to heavy load and constantly changing bending moment and torque when working. The common failure forms are bending fatigue fracture and journal wear. Therefore, the crankshaft material is required to have higher rigidity, fatigue strength and good wear resistance.

Crankshaft is one of the most typical and important parts in the engine. Its function is to convert the gas pressure transmitted by the piston connecting rod into torque, output work as power, drive other working mechanisms and drive the auxiliary equipment of the internal combustion engine to work.

The most common fatigue failure of crankshaft, which is the main engine component, is metal fatigue failure, namely bending fatigue failure and torsion fatigue failure, and the occurrence probability of the former is greater than that of the latter. Bending fatigue crack first occurs at the fillet of connecting rod journal (crank pin) or main journal, and then develops to crank arm. Torsional fatigue cracks occur at poorly machined oil holes or rounded corners and then develop in a direction that is aligned with the axis. The fatigue failure of metal is the result of the effect of variable stress which changes periodically with time. Statistical analysis of crankshaft failure shows that about 80% is caused by bending fatigue.

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