Solution For Disinfection And Purification Of Xingchang Central Air Conditioner


A few days ago, Xingchang Fan successfully developed a […]

A few days ago, Xingchang Fan successfully developed a dynamic disinfection system for central air conditioning with completely independent intellectual property rights.

In this system, the air power device at the end of the air conditioner is used to forcibly circulate the indoor air so that the indoor air passes through the disinfection fan, which is the core component.

A special high-intensity ultraviolet lamp combination is arranged in the disinfection fan, and under the irradiation of reasonable ultraviolet radiation intensity, instantaneous sterilization is realized through special calculation and design.

The system assists activated carbon filtration system, negative oxygen ion generator and other means to realize the continuous disinfection of indoor air (i.e., "dynamic disinfection") under the condition of people. Its disinfection and purification level can meet the requirements of medical Class II environment, and has the functions of removing peculiar smell and refreshing air.

The system adopts intelligent modular control. Its main functions include: display of accumulated working time of lamp tube, display of current working time, intelligent temperature control function, display of disinfection function, continuous/discontinuous disinfection setting, regular self-inspection of disinfection system and fault alarm, etc. It realizes good interaction between human and machine and ensures continuous and stable disinfection effect.

As Xingchang fan industry, fan manufacturing has become one of the main fan/ wind wheel suppliers in the domestic HVAC industry after more than 30 years of development. In 1981, xingchang fan was successfully used in the domestic distinguished car-hongqi sedan.

For details, please consult: HVAC Air Purification & Sterilization.

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