The Main Features and Advantages of Fan Wheel


Fan wheel material is generally aluminum alloy or engin […]

Fan wheel material is generally aluminum alloy or engineering plastics. The aluminum alloy impeller has high strength, light weight and high temperature resistance, and can maintain stable operation for a long time without deformation; the plastic impeller is injection molded by the mold and then welded by ultrasonic waves. It is generally used for low-speed applications and has a large diameter.

Main feature

1. The impeller is generally a multi-bladed forward blade type, but the two end faces are closed.

2. The width b of the impeller is not limited, when the width is increased. Traffic also increased.

3. The cross-flow fan is not like a centrifugal fan, which opens on the side plate of the casing to allow the airflow to enter the fan axially, but partially opens the casing so that the airflow enters the fan directly. The air flow traverses the blade twice. Some cross-flow fans are equipped with immovable guide vanes on the inner edge of the impeller to improve the airflow state.

4. The air inlet and air outlet are rectangular, easy to match with the building. The use of small cross-flow fans is steadily expanding.


1. The wind speed is evenly distributed

Because there is little low interference, the wind blowing is very concentrated. In this way, it can send the wind far away under low noise conditions, and can easily change the direction of the wind flow.

2. The airflow of the air outlet is evenly distributed along the axial direction

Especially when the ratio of the axial width of the fan to the diameter of the impeller of the fan is large, it is more obvious, which is difficult to achieve by other types of fans. ,

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