Selected Material of Air Compressor Crankshaft


The air compressor crankshaft is an important part of t […]

The air compressor crankshaft is an important part of the piston compressor that receives the power input by the motor in the form of torque and turns the rotary motion into linear motion. It will withstand periodic and complex alternating loads during the work process. Commonly used materials are high-quality carbon structural steel and ductile iron, so there are two types of crankshaft blanks: forged crankshaft and cast crankshaft. The crankshaft uses cast blanks.

The characteristics of the selected material of the air compressor crankshaft

The crankshaft of the air compressor is subjected to periodic and complex alternating loads during the work process.The material used is QT600-3 nodular cast iron, which is feasible in terms of mechanical properties.The characteristics of QT600-3 nodular cast iron are:

(1) Thermal conductivity: The graphite in the QT600-3 structure has much better thermal conductivity than the matrix structure (P-F), so 9T600-3 has better thermal conductivity.

(2) Vibration damping: due to the high carbon content, 9600-3 is better than steel. The carbon in ductile iron mainly exists in the form of graphite. The higher the spheroidization rate of graphite, the more the vibration damping Low, so the ductile iron QT600-3 with a low spheroidization rate should be selected, and the damping property of the ductile iron is little affected by the temperature, and will not change due to the temperature increase or decrease.

(3) In terms of cutting performance: Ductile iron contains more graphite, which can play the role of cutting lubrication, so the cutting resistance is lower and the cutting speed is higher.

(4) Corrosion resistance: A large number of experimental results prove that the ductile iron has better corrosion resistance than steel in the atmosphere and fresh water, especially in flowing water.

(5) Wear resistance: Due to the high carbon content and the role of graphite, ductile iron is a good wear-resistant and anti-friction material, its wear resistance is better than steel, which can reduce damage to the steel plate and improve product qualification rate.

The manufacturing process of nodular cast iron rollers is as follows: casting casting-casting flaw detection-stress relief annealing-metal cutting processing-aging treatment. Nodular cast iron can be cast using sand casting.


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