Why Do You Choose Centrifugal Fan?


The centrifugal fan (or radial fan) consists of a fan w […]

The centrifugal fan (or radial fan) consists of a fan wheel (impeller), which is driven by a motor that rotates in a stator connected to the impeller. The stator has two openings: the first opening supplies fluid to the central part of the impeller, the fluid permeates through vacuum and is blown to the edge by centrifugal action from the second opening.

There are two types of centrifugal fans: front bending fans and rear bending fans. The forward bending centrifugal fan has a "squirrel cage" impeller and 32 to 42 blades. Its efficiency is 60% to 75%. The efficiency of the back-bent centrifugal fan is 75% to 85%, and the number of blades is 6 to 16.

The overpressure is higher than that of spiral fan, so centrifugal fan is more suitable for long circuit.

Centrifugal fans also have advantages in terms of noise level: they are quieter. However, it takes up more space and costs more than spiral fans.

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