Types and Applications of Groove Pulley Structures


Groove pulley mechanism is divided into outer groove pu […]

Groove pulley mechanism is divided into outer groove pulley mechanism and inner groove pulley mechanism. They are all used for intermittent transmission between parallel shafts, but the former groove pulley turns opposite to the dial while the latter turns the same. The external groove pulley mechanism is widely used.

Generally, grooves on Groove pulley are evenly distributed and are used to transfer motion between parallel axes. Such groove pulley mechanism is called a common Groove Pulley mechanism. Some special types of groove pulley mechanisms are also used in some machines.

For multi-pin groove pulley mechanisms with unequal arm lengths, the radial dimensions of radial grooves are different, and the distribution of round pins on the dial is also uneven. In this way, in one week of groove pulley rotation, several movement requirements with different movement time and rest time can be realized.

When intermittent transmission between two intersecting shafts is required, spherical groove pulley mechanism can be adopted. The following figure shows a spherical groove pulley mechanism with an included angle of 90 between two intersecting axes. Its driven groove pulley2 is semi-spherical, and the axis of the driving pulley 1 and the axis of the shifting pin 3 pass through the center of the ball. The working process of this mechanism is similar to that of planar groove pulley mechanism.

There is usually only one pin on the driving pulley, and Groove pulley has the same moving and stopping time. If two shift pins are symmetrically installed on the driving shift wheel, when the shift pin on one side comes out of the groove pulley groove, the other shift pin enters another adjacent groove of the groove pulley, so the groove pulley rotates continuously.

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