What is The Procedure for Cleaning The Condenser Coil?


If you neglect the spring physical examination, your ai […]

If you neglect the spring physical examination, your air conditioner may not have cooled to its original level. One year of dirt and debris blocking the fins, low coolant level, dirty blower fan filter and other simple problems will significantly reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning condenser and accelerate its wear rate. And even if the condenser coil is cleaned, it is very necessary at this time.

External equipment is called air conditioning condenser and includes compressor, fins and pipes as well as fans.

Which steps are followed by professionals to clean the condenser?

1. Turn off the power supply

Turn off the power supply to the condenser unit when it is turned off outdoors. Pull out a stop or move the switch to the closed position. If you are not sure, turn off the power supply to the main power panel air conditioner condenser.

2. Vacuum debris removal

Shijiazhuang condenser cleaning proposal, with a soft brush from the external heat sink suction weeding debris, leaves and other debris. Remove all shrubs, weeds and grass within 2 feet.

3. Straighten fin

Gently press with a knife to realign bent or crushed fins. Do not insert the knife more than 1/2 inch.

4. Remove the fan

Unscrew the top grille. Lift the fan and carefully put it aside. Do not apply pressure to the wires. Pull out all leaves and wipe the inner surface with a wet cloth.

5. Clean the heat sink

Spray the heat sink with moderate water pressure from the hose nozzle. Spray the spray from the inside out. Reinstall the fan.

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